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It's the Ceremony

By David W Roach 

  Perhaps it’s a tradition at your house too. Before my father carved the turkey, everyone around the table had to name something they were thankful for. I was always thankful for ham.

  With all due respect to my parents, Thanksgiving turkey was always dry, especially the white meat. Thankfully, mom served ham.

  I have since learned that the way to avoid dry turkey meat is to roast it under wraps; parchment if I have it, aluminum foil in a pinch. One Thanksgiving I tried a roasting bag and poured the turkey meat into a bowl to serve. The meat fell off the bone cleanly. No carving necessary.

  Which is the whole point of roasting turkey; the carving of the turkey, that is. Dry turkey not withstanding, dad made a grand ceremony of carving the turkey; a real Norman Rockwell moment.

  Whenever I recall special moments in my life they always have an element of ceremony. Where is the ceremony in family meals today? I’ll leave you to ponder that.

  Jesus loved sharing dinner with people. Consider how often Jesus mentioned feasting in his parables. Jesus shared the Passover before the crucifixion and breakfast after the resurrection. In Book of Revelation, Jesus invites us to open the door so he can come in and share a meal with us.  In the life to come we will enjoy a grand feast in the house of God. I wonder if God will serve turkey? Or perhaps ham.