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Thoughts for Father's Day


Last Father's Day my son gave me something I've always wanted -- the keys to my car.


The phone company reported that the number of people making long-distance calls on Father's Day was growing faster than calls made on Mother's Day.  The  information would have gotten out sooner, but it took longer to compile the statistics.  Most of the calls were collect.


When his son finally got his drivers license, the new driver invited his father to take a ride.  The proud father accepted, but then climbed into the backseat.  "Aren't you going to ride up front with me?" the son asked.  "Nope," answered the father.  "I'm going to sit back here and kick the seat just like you did to me for all those years."


When the parents of a college student hadn't received a letter from their son in a very long time, the father wrote him a letter.  "Dear Son, We enjoyed reading your last letter, but we were younger then and easily impressed."